Tips and Tricks for Using of Proofreading Tool

Questions for later:

  • Why does the tool flag certain issues?
  • Why should you care about passive voice?
  • What's wrong with using colloquialisms?
  • Are longer sentences better than short ones, or visa versa?

Proofreading Tool was created to help you improve your writing from anywhere you might have an internet connection. The longer you use this tool, the more adept you will become at avoiding certain writing habits and pitfalls.

While this tool helps to decode much of the proofreading process, it might actually feel like it's making your job as a writer more difficult since it is bringing so many potential issues to the surface in your writing. But that's a good thing if you want to write to the best of your ability right now.

This online proofreader was designed to challenge you and guide you toward rethinking and reworking your writing. Will you rise to the occasion?