How to Approach Each Highlight or Suggestion

You're whole essay is covered in colorful highlights, so what do you do now?

Don't Panic

If you've used Proofreading Tool at least once or twice, then you've probably discovered that this software can sometimes provide quite a few suggestions to improve your writing.

You might even feel at times that this proofreader provides you with too much critical feedback -- to the point that your entire document is covered with a rainbow of highlights and you don't know where to begin.

Approach each suggestion individually

... exclusive of other suggestions at first. If the suggestion encompasses a larger phrase, or a large portion of the enclosing sentence, try to imagine how you might reword the entire sentence in light of the suggestion that Proofreading Tool provided.

NOTE: You don't have to change your writing every time Proofreading Tool highlights something. It's your writing, so (of course) you can do as you please with it.

That being said, the software driving Proofreading Tool's suggestions has been very thoroughly tested, so the vast majority of suggestions provided herein deserve at the very least a hard second look.

The cliche is true -- "Writing is a process."

Good writers will pour over a sentence for several minutes to make sure it sounds "just right" in that context, to that audience, etc. Good writers will write, the re-write, then write again, the rewrite again. If you are willing to rewrite, rephrase and re-imagine your writing, then you have the potential to become a great writer.

Proofreading Tool is designed to inspire you to re-read your own writing critically, from the point of view of a critical, objective third party. Suggestions provided herein are designed to plant a productive seed of doubt in your mind, so that, hopefully, you will not move on to the next sentence or the next paragraph until you are entirely sure that this is the best you can possibly express this idea or thought.

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