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Are you a student with essays or term papers to write? Are you a business professional with emails to create and send out to your coworkers? Are you a blogger, and you want readers to take your blog content seriously? Do you write in a professional setting, where a client's confidence in you could mean the difference between making and losing a sale or a lucrative business deal? Do you plan on composing any kind of English text that you expect other people to read? Do you want to convey a positive first impression through your written work?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then you need Proofreading Tool.

When you're working late hours or your energy and attention are stretched to the limit, it can be nearly impossible to catch all your grammatical, spelling and language errors. Luckily, Proofreading Tool will give you that face-saving "second look" or "second pair of eyes" by pointing out a variety of subtle and, at other times, blatant writing mistakes.

This free online proofreader will grade or proofread any English writing, whether academic, professional or informal. No need to pay for an expensive human proofreader who will get back to you in either hours or days -- this free online tool will get back to you within seconds with a useful, organized list of recommended improvements ranging from language quality to capitalization, from simple spelling mistakes to suggestions to improve your overall readability.

Sometimes you simply need a second opinion. Having a third party point out potential issues in your work will remind you to look at and think about your writing after you have finished the first draft and inspire you to think about how to better express your ideas. There is always room for improvement, especially for longer essays or eBooks.

The key to improving your writing skill is consistent practice. However, to practice and rework your writing effectively, you need to know where to start. This is where Proofreading Tool truly shines. After you compose your first draft and then copy and paste your work into the browser, this real-time language and grammar checker will provide a wide range of useful feedback and guidance to re-think and re-work your writing.

If a particular phrase sounds a little too cliché or informal for your professional or academic audience, Proofreading Tool will bring this to your attention. If something sounds a bit too wordy, then Paraphrasing-Tool will let you know about it, and give you an example of what clean up your word choice.

For you students, whether you're a junior high, high school, college, your grade depends on well written essays and research papers. Proofreading Tool will help you improve the clarity and quality of your writing by leaps and bounds. Your teacher will be impressed by your improved clarity of expression, and the improved ease with which he or she can read your written work.

For you teachers, Proofreading Tool provides easy to access, effective guidance for your students. This free tool provides grammar, language and spell-checking feedback and contextual suggestions to develop the inner writer in your students. However, Proofreading Tool will not do their work for them. While it offers automatic fixes for simple spelling or grammatical mistakes, for the most part students will still need to think and compose their thoughts all on their own.

For you content creators, you may have noticed that hiring a human editor can be very expensive, especially if you want fast turn-around times! You will be happy to discover that Proofreading Tool processes essays, blog posts, emails or term papers in a matter of seconds.

No matter your current writing skill, Proofreading Tool will help you rise to the next level.

Proofreading Tool is free. To remove the captcha requirement, you must register with a valid email and then login. After creating an account, to to remove ads, see these Pricing Details.

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